BMW 5 Series Sedan : Lane Change and Lane Departure Warning

Active Blind Spot Detection and Lane Departure warning.

Driving with instinct: the BMW 5 Series Sedan provides discreet support and active assistance to help avoid dangerous situations. Radars and cameras monitor conditions and warn the driver of lane changes and vehicles coming too close.

At the rear of the vehicle the Active Blind Spot Detection uses radar sensors to inform the driver via a symbol on the wing mirror if there is a vehicle currently in their blind spot or if a vehicle is approaching quickly from the rear. As soon as the driver uses the indicator to change lanes, they are warned in potentially dangerous situations by a flashing LED signal and vibrations.

The camera positioned at the front of the vehicle assists the Lane Departure Warning system. When travelling above 43 mph the system monitors road markings and their position versus the car as well as the edge of the road or lane. The system is activated whenever the vehicle leaves its current lane unintentionally and alerts the driver by making the steering wheel vibrate. When the driver indicates an intention to change the lane by using the indicator, there is no warning signal.

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